Geophysical Seismic
Sensor (GSS) 


Technology Solutions

The Geophysical Seismic Sensor is an unattended ground sensor that provides real-time identification of surface and subsurface geophysical phenomenon to enable specific threat based response.


The enhanced Linear Detection System Electro-Magnetic (eLDS-EM) sensor is used to detect seismic and metallic signatures around designated areas.


The Advanced Culvert Surveillance System (ACSS) is a modular, rapidly installed platform capable of near-real time detection of nefarious activities in and around culverts.

ViewPointe enhanced Common Operational Picture (VPeCOP) provides a single display of relevant operational information to achieve situational awareness through a geospatial information system (GIS).


The Active Seismic Imaging (ASI) uses seismic response to find and/or map purpose-built tunnels and other voids. 

Rapid Tunnel Remediation utilizes a two part polymer that can be applied quickly to fill voided spaces.

Advanced Culvert Surveillance System (ACSS)
enhanced Linear Detection System


ViewPointe enhanced
Common Operational
Picture (VPeCOP)
Active Seismic Imaging (ASI)
Tunnel Detection
Mobile Vision System

The Mobile Vision System (MVS) is a fully automated, unmanned response unit that combines an Unattended Ground Vehicle (UGV) with ViewPointe (VPeCOP) tracking and control capability.